"Children are our most valuable resource" - Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States

Operation ChEER

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(Children’s Education, Elevation, and Rescue)

We don’t plan to save the World – Only one child at a time


Orphans and other Children in poverty are often not given opportunities for Education and other job-related training. Thus, as adults, they are not prepared for the challenges of adulthood. Operation ChEER will work with other like-minded organizations to provide opportunities for learning and preparation for the future, through Scholarships, School Fees, Uniforms, Tuition, Lodging, and other necessities.

Orphans are often the Forgotten Population. Operation ChEER will help provide Orphanage Essentials, including Self-Reliance training and in-house income, such as farming/ranching on site. The HELM Foundation is working with an orphanage in Kenya, That we plan to expand into a major complex for Women and Children (see Hope Complex page)

Operation ChEER (Children’s Education, Elevation, and Rescue) is focused on empowering children of Lesser-Developed Countries through Education and Training.

In schools and communities across the world, the The HELM Foundation promotes strategies to prevent violence and discrimination against women and children.

We empower children at risk by providing them with fundamental skills while helping build support networks and remain in school.

Many of these imperiled Children will not and cannot attend school because of poverty and lack of school facilities. The cost of School fees, books and uniforms put many children out of reach for education.

Since the spread of HIV/AIDS throughout Most Under-Developed countries is fueled by illiteracy and local customs. The HELM Foundation helps countries advance children’s health and wellbeing, especially in nutrition, and  care for health concerns, such as HIV/AIDS, STDs, and other problems. One of the goals is to teach children methods for protecting themselves against the further spread of these diseases, while incorporating local customs in a healthful and safe manner.

So, how can this be done?

Phase 1: The HELM Foundation will contract with schools to teach, as part of the curriculum, the AIDS Awareness course from the American Red Cross. The Organization will provide the materials for this course and will train-the-trainer(s), teach health education, vaccinations of children and have reliable medical equipment

  • The HELM Foundation is working to bless and save lives by providing increased access to hygiene training, vaccinations and reliable medical equipment
  • Partner with schools to implement programs for keeping children in school

Phase 2: Enroll students in the contracted schools. The number of students depends on the amount of donations received. These students may need:

  • Tuition
  • School Uniform
  • Room and Board
  • Provide school supplies-books, computers

Phase 3:

  • Monitor the training in the schools
  • Add new Students

“Join us to make great impact in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children.”

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The HELM Foundation leads the global fight for children and women’s rights. Your donation helps us make a difference for children and women around the world.

The SAFE Pledge (Student Assistance Financial Endowment)

Participants in SAFE Pledge (Student Assistance Financial Endowment) will commit to a minimum of $30 (USD) monthly donation for a minimum of 12 months. The funds will be applied to the education and training program (Operation ChEER).

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